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                                                                       The Booking:

Your wedding photos will be with you for ever and will evoke lovely memories for many years to come long after the wedding is over so it is important to get it right.  Have a look around and find a photographer that suits you and your needs.  Don’t purely choose by cost, look at it as an investment, like most things in life you really do get what you pay for, and please, please don’t ask Uncle Bob to do it,  you will live to regret it!

  • Once you have decided you want me to be your wedding photographer (good choice!) then give me a call and we can meet just to make sure I am the right photographer for you.
  • We fill in and sign a simple agreement and you pay me £200 booking fee (deductible from the final fee) and I put the date firmly in the diary.
  • Depending on how long before the wedding we can make a start on some plans or we can leave that until nearer the time, then you go away knowing that that is another thing crossed off your very long list of decisions you have to make.
  • I will contact you nearer the time to complete the paperwork – who, where and what etc, and arrange to look round the venue.  I like to do this with a couple wherever possible as I sometimes discover that brides and grooms have different views on photography, and if this is the case we can decide together on a compromise.

The Planning:
There is no substitute for good planning, especially when you are talking about the most important day of your life so far.
  • I like to fill in a “who’s who” form before the wedding and try and learn family names and know who is married to (and divorced from) who.  It’s nice to involve people by being able to call them by name.
  • No bride and groom like to think that it’s going to rain on their wedding day but I’m afraid it does sometimes! We will discuss this when we look around your venue together – we will plan for it then hope we don’t need it! I do have lovely white umbrellas though, just in case.
  • I try to speak to the registrar or vicar before the wedding as they all have different rules (especially vicars) about photography so we need to find this out before hand.
  • I will visit each venue with you so we know where the group shots will be etc and decide where you want your romantic shots taken.
  • I will get an idea of your style and will work with it.  If you want unobtrusive reportage style coverage, that is fine, or if you want an OK fashion shoot that is also fine, or some want to keep it very traditional or very fun, the only thing I’m not too keen on is cheese! I find most people like a balance of the traditional and candid with a splash of humour but that is entirely your call.
  • We will talk through any group shots you require.  I then go away and organise these into a list which groups people together to cause minimal hassle and waiting around for guests.
  • I will put together a timeline for the day after close consultation with you both so you know where I will be and I know where you want me to be, all you have to do then is enjoy the day knowing I have it all  in hand.
  • I carry spares of everything from batteries to cameras and everything in between, even confetti and bubbles for those who forget!


On the day
This will all run like clockwork due to the planning! You will have the time of your life and I will work very hard for you.
  • I will arrive in plenty of time to set up but be very careful not to get in your way.  I will get on with detail shots of flowers and shoes etc if that is what you have asked for.
  • During the ceremony I will work unobtrusively without the use of flash.
  • Usually any formal group shots follow at the church/reception/venue. we will discuss all this in the planning.
  • At some point I like to take you off for half an hour at the most to capture those “romantic shots“.  This is a lovely time for you both as it is the first time you will have been alone (don’t mind me!) as a married couple and the shots at this time are usually very relaxed and will probably be the ones that end up on your wall.
  • Before you sit down to eat we will do a mock cake cutting and I will capture details of the reception room, those bridal favours you have been planning for 18 months, flowers etc.
  • when the guests are seated I usually go around and take a photo of each table and it’s guests which is a really nice record of the day for you.
  • I never photograph your guests eating.  If I am staying on until the evening then I will have a little break before the speeches, otherwise I will bid you farewell and wish you all the best for the future and leave you to enjoy your evening entertainment.

After the wedding
  • First thing I do when I get home (even before a glass of wine!) is back up your precious images, firstly onto DVD (usually3 or 4!) then an external hard drive then my PC ready for editing.
  • If you agree (not everybody does) I will put a preview of images on my blog linking to facebook within a couple of days and then get to work  editing.
  • I will produce colour, black white and toned images as discussed in your initial consultation all will be edited, cropped, retouched and colour balanced and saved on a disc as high resolution images. You will have full printing rights over the photos but I retain the copyright, all that means is that you can’t sell them.
  • After 2-3 weeks I will contact you when the disc is ready and ideally we will meet to look at the photos together, sometimes this is not possible and I will post it.
  • Your photos are uploaded onto my online pass-worded gallery as soon as I know you have seen them yourselves, your friends and relatives can have a good look and order any prints they would like direcly from the gallery delivered to their home, these are professionally printed images.

If you have any  questions about what I do and how I work then please do not hesitate to contact me.