Month: June 2011

Bournemouth Wedding Photography ~ Hallmark Hotel

Congratulations to Ricky and Jemma who got married at the Hallmark Hotel in Bournemouth on the 11th June . Here are some highlights of their wedding….enjoy!

Ricky and  Jemma  don’t come from this part of the world but decided quite rightly it would be a lovely place to get married so they shipped all their friends and family in from Daventry and  all over England to stay at the Hallmark Hotel and celebrate their wedding with them. (more…)

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Dorset Wedding Photography ~ Moreton

Congratulations on the wedding of Victoria and Chris on 4th June 2011. Here is a slidehow of some of the many highlights….enjoy!

Vic and Chris and their 160 guests took over the sleepy village of Moreton in Dorset, starting with preparations at the local B&B where the 11 bridesmaids and their partners,parents and other family members got ready. The bridesmaids all walked to the church to the interest of a coachload of passing tourists. (more…)

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Bournemouth Portrait Photography

Happy Birthday Amy! It was Amy’s chosen birthday present from her mum to have a fun portrait shoot with a group of her friends.

We met at King’s park in Bournemouth and the girls braved the chilly wind and enjoyed the fun. Amy’s Mum came armed with balloons and bubbles and the fun began!